Research Friday, 31 October 2014


Prof. Kah’s research focuses on how businesses and governments can effectively use information technologies and the Internet in particular to add value and the applications of Real Options in IT strategic decision making. His research also includes exploring ways in which advances in information technology contributes to organization productivity, economic growth, development and quality of life for developing economies as well as Information, Communication and Technology Policy(ICT) and e-Governance. Dean Kah’s research in e-commerce includes Web and e-Business Performance Testing as well as Business Process Outsourcing and Data Mining.


  • Economics of information technology
  • Information technologies and productivity
  • Pricing and sharing of digital information
  • E-commerce infrastructure, use, policy, valuation
  • The business implication of the Internet and e-commerce
  • Knowledge Management and Data Mining
  • Strategic use of IT in organizations and governments of developing countries for sustainable development and poverty reduction
  • IT and Economic Development
  • Telecommunication and Policy
  • Real Options in IT decision making
  • Public Information Systems and GIS


  • Information Technology for Development  & ICT Policy and Strategy within the Context of Globalization; Research Methods in IS and Advance Topics in IS; MS/Ph.D Seminars; IS Strategy
  • S/W Engineering, Requirements Engin., Usability Engineering, User Interface Design & Programming
  • Data Comms/Networking & Telecoms & Database Design & Development, IS Security & Auditing
  • Systems Analysis & Design; ERP, Blue Printing & IS/IT Architecture; Data Bases and Data Modeling
  • Principles of Information Systems  & IS Project Management; Technology & Knowledge Management
  • Systems Dynamics, Design , Construction & Modeling & Scenario Construction & Analysis
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